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Dear Miss Cheryl,

Just a note to let you know that Amelia is doing well in first grade. She continues to read far beyond her grade level. She is also doing nicely in math. I believe that a large part of this is because she stayed at A Child's Place until she entered first grade.


Jane M.

Dear Miss Cheryl,

I just wanted to let you know what a blessing you have been to our family. You have a true love and concern for our children that shows in all you do. Gaven went to A Child's Place until he entered First Grade and the results are amazing! He has learned so much! You have a unique way of teaching our children and finding their true potential at such an early age. Gaven is now in First Grade and is in advanced reading, spelling and math.......


Angie F.

Dear Miss Cheryl,

Being an instructor myself, I understand the importance of a positive, well structured early childhood educational experience. The formative years in a child's learning is critical. The role of the teacher in this setting is vital to the child's self-esteem and confidence. A Child's Place Preschool has done an exemplary job of preparing our daughters for their future school years. Katie and Molly both have a thirst for knowledge, an excitement for learning, and a tremendous respect for teachers.......

We always felt that our daughters would be cared for and yet challenged. Special care was taken to address Katie's peanut allergy and she always felt safe and secure.......


George and Dianne M.

Dear Miss Cheryl,

We just wanted to let you know how great Jacob is doing in First Grade. He adjusted unbelievably well and in so many ways. We know that keeping Jacob at A Child's Place until First Grade attributed to such a smooth transition.......

One of the most important qualities we notice is Jacob's high self-esteem. A Child's Place exposed him to many things to make this happen. Through all the plays, and the one on one attention he received from the awesome teachers at A Child's Place, Jacob is confident in everything he does.

Yours Truly,

The D. Family

NOTE: We have many, many more testimonials upon your request.

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